High Performance

Last, but by certainly no means least, HA are responsible for our national and international teams and programs. You would be very aware that the Hockeyroos and Kookaburras are two of Australia’s most successful national teams. This is due to the quality of Australian coaches and high performance staff in Perth and nationally through State Institutes and Academies and the dedication and quality of our players who sacrifice much in their pursuit of excellence and success.

Funded by the Australian Sports Commission, the National/AIS program and our teams are the flagship of our sport and we are all rightfully proud of their performance and contribution to our sport. Our athletes also receive valued support from both the AOC and ACGA. We trust that you have found this information to be of some value. We are very mindful that there are a number of important hockey programs and activities that could be funded if we had access to additional funds. It remains a frustration for all that this is not always possible. Hockey Australia’s Board, management and staff remain committed to furthering the growth and development of our great sport to ensure its continuing success at all levels. We thank you for your annual contribution to this process.

Business Development, Marketing & Communications

This involves presenting our sport to external sports lovers and hockey audiences. This is attained through our mainstream media activities through television, press and radio. The team also manages the HA website and creates and distributes all HA communication including e‐newsletters click here to receive and other marketing collateral to ensure that members are informed of latest developments across all areas of our sport.

The team are also responsible for acquiring new business partners and servicing our existing partners who provide funds and services to our organisation and teams. Events: HA hosts and delivers a number of significant events including functions and international tournaments such as the Champions Trophy and International Test Matches. Each State and the ACT have had the experience of hosting an international series with the Hockeyroos or Kookaburras over the past 18 months, ensuring that hockey and sports lovers have been provided with the opportunity to see our very best players live. Policy: HA is responsible for creating and monitoring adherence to national policies designed to ensure that we provide positive and encouraging environments for our players. This includes areas such as: ‐Member protection; ‐Codes of conduct; ‐Competition manuals; &   ‐Compliance to Australian and International drug policies.

Coach Development

Umpire, officials and coach development: The Game Development team are also responsible for the creation and evolution of coach and umpire development curriculum. The system is designed to ensure that Australia trains and registers quality hockey coaches and officials to deliver quality experiences to players at all levels of our sport. HA provides accreditation to individuals who undertake and complete the prescribed HockeyEd courses successfully. The HockeyEd curriculum will be further developed in 2011, following an assessment of the content late in 2010. Click here to see more information about HockeyEd programs.

In addition to HockeyEd courses, a number of training and development opportunities and seminars are provided at key events and targeted national championships for coaches and umpires. These are often led by national and/or international experts in their respective fields. Advocacy role & stakeholder management for the sport of hockey: This area involves positioning our sport with key stakeholders and funders such as the Federal government, State governments when relevant, e.g. events and funding or support organisations such as the Australian Sports Commission, Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), Australian Olympic Committee (AOC), Australian Commonwealth Games Associations (ACGA), State Institutes and Academies, the International Hockey Federation and many others. For both high performance and participation Federal Government funding we were well placed within the top 10 of all Australian sports, demonstrating the importance of this area for our sport and future growth.

National Championships

A staff member works in cooperation with Member State/Territories and committees or volunteers to successfully deliver 22 National Championships each year including our premier domestic competition – the Australian Hockey League, Junior National Championships, Country Championships, Indoor Championship, Women’s Masters and support of the Men’s Masters Championships.   Lead role in Junior Development & Participation: The team are responsible for the development and implementation of our junior development programs and initiatives such as Hookin2Hockey.

This involves curriculum development, the development and distribution of resources, management and marketing support of the programs and conducting activities such as super clinics with our national teams. To access information and benefits available to you through the Hookin2Hockey Program, click here. It also includes the design and management of funded programs such as the No School, No Play Project – a program operating within targeted indigenous communities. We are one of eight national sports who have been awarded government funds to deliver this program. Very recently Hockey Australia was awarded funds to grow the participation levels of our sport and develop our coaches and officials at the grass roots level. These additional funds provided by the Australian Government were greatly appreciated and we are currently working through a process with your State and Territory Associations to ensure that this grant directly benefits grass roots activities in order to grow our sport’s participation base.

Basic Types of Motor Sports

A thrilling speed makes you feel free and alive; a lot of people crave such an experience – this is what motor sport brings.

In recent years, motor sports have gained an increasing popularity and fan base. Its followership cuts across all races, meeting each other during championships or simply watch motorcycle, car or crash videos on the net. A lot of people find this sport interesting because it brings a whole new feeling to them. Here are basic facts for any diehard fan of motor sports should know:

Just so you know, there are several types of motor sports, which includes, circuit racing, short and long track oval racing, drag racing, grass track racing, and trials. All these different types have their individual peculiarities, competitors, vehicles, and functions. Hence, formula 1 is a good example of circuit racing.

Oval Racing

On the other hand, oval racing, whether long or short is a motor racing done on an oval track. Here, the racer turns in left direction. The common types of oval are: open-wheel racing, sprint car racing and stock car racing.

Dirt Track and Grass Racing

Dirty Track racing and Grass racing, as the name connotes, are carried out on non-asphalted tracks. Open wheel cars, stock cars, trucks, brand new cars and several other vehicles are usually used for this type of motor racing.

Drag Racing

Drag Racing is a sprinter race carried out over a ¼ mile’s distance. Cars are not the only vehicle used in this racing. Scooters, battery cars, motor cycle, are also used in their competitions.

Final Note

While the actual amount of these sporting events are difficult to count, they are all interesting and worth one’s attention. As a motor sports fan, it might interest you to know that you can view live coverage of any championship series online.  You find different videos from several categories, from rounds of Formula 1, NASCA, GT racing to more classy races like off-road chasing, police chases or truck competitions. You can now watch Fascinating tricks, brilliant wins, and highest cash videos on your PC screens.

In all these, this sport is not recommended for the faint-hearted peeps. To be a racer, self-control, intellect, and courage is highly required. Typically, anyone can be introduced to the world of motor sports. A lot of people opt for motorcycles and stock cars because of their relatively lower prices. To become a racer, all you may need is the technical know-how, the passion for driving and the determination to go where your dreams dictate.

Australian Sports Played All Years Around

Keeping yourself and your family active, healthy, happy and involved in sports all year round is easy in Australia. With sports played all year round and others played in particular seasons of the year like winter and summer, this article can help you plan your year, what sports to participate in and at which time of the year. Depending on the game you are interested in, here are Australian sports that can keep you fit, healthy, occupied, active and happy.

Winter sports

Australia sports have a close association with winter sports. They are a variety of codes for both female and male. Some of them like netball and hockey has competitions running throughout the winter another start pre-season training in autumn and finish in spring.

Rugby Union

The Rugby Union is another sport played all round the year in Australia. It is similar to rugby, but it requires free flowing and more cardiovascular. Rugby Union is played with 15 players a side and involves more kicking. The game is popular in Africa, France, New Zealand and Argentina.

Rugby league

Rugby league is different from Rugby Union in many ways. The game requires 13 players aside, it is played on a rectangular field and the objective being breaking through the defensive line to score. Rugby League requires strength, power, and agility because it is a full contact sport.


Soccer or football is the most popular game in the Australia and all over the world. Soccer requires great skills, speed, and agility. Soccer is refreshing.


Hockey is a both indoor and outdoor sport. The outdoor version is the field hockey that is played between teams of 11 players each. Hockey has many benefits, including fitness, agility and hand-eye coordination.


Are you a lady or do you have a daughter you want to please? Why not enroll for netball training camp and participate in netball. Netball is a fast-paced sport that promotes agility and speed. Generally, netball is played all year round in Australia. It is played both indoors and outdoors.


Another sport loved by Australians. Played between two teams, it involves alternating batting and bowling battling to score as many runs as possible.

Tennis, basketball and Aussie rules Football are other Australia sport that people love, you can enjoy them by joining training camps all over Australia or by watching. Australia camps cover all major sports in Australia.