Australian Sports Played All Years Around

Keeping yourself and your family active, healthy, happy and involved in sports all year round is easy in Australia. With sports played all year round and others played in particular seasons of the year like winter and summer, this article can help you plan your year, what sports to participate in and at which time of the year. Depending on the game you are interested in, here are Australian sports that can keep you fit, healthy, occupied, active and happy.

Winter sports

Australia sports have a close association with winter sports. They are a variety of codes for both female and male. Some of them like netball and hockey has competitions running throughout the winter another start pre-season training in autumn and finish in spring.

Rugby Union

The Rugby Union is another sport played all round the year in Australia. It is similar to rugby, but it requires free flowing and more cardiovascular. Rugby Union is played with 15 players a side and involves more kicking. The game is popular in Africa, France, New Zealand and Argentina.

Rugby league

Rugby league is different from Rugby Union in many ways. The game requires 13 players aside, it is played on a rectangular field and the objective being breaking through the defensive line to score. Rugby League requires strength, power, and agility because it is a full contact sport.


Soccer or football is the most popular game in the Australia and all over the world. Soccer requires great skills, speed, and agility. Soccer is refreshing.


Hockey is a both indoor and outdoor sport. The outdoor version is the field hockey that is played between teams of 11 players each. Hockey has many benefits, including fitness, agility and hand-eye coordination.


Are you a lady or do you have a daughter you want to please? Why not enroll for netball training camp and participate in netball. Netball is a fast-paced sport that promotes agility and speed. Generally, netball is played all year round in Australia. It is played both indoors and outdoors.


Another sport loved by Australians. Played between two teams, it involves alternating batting and bowling battling to score as many runs as possible.

Tennis, basketball and Aussie rules Football are other Australia sport that people love, you can enjoy them by joining training camps all over Australia or by watching. Australia camps cover all major sports in Australia.

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