Basic Types of Motor Sports

A thrilling speed makes you feel free and alive; a lot of people crave such an experience – this is what motor sport brings.

In recent years, motor sports have gained an increasing popularity and fan base. Its followership cuts across all races, meeting each other during championships or simply watch motorcycle, car or crash videos on the net. A lot of people find this sport interesting because it brings a whole new feeling to them. Here are basic facts for any diehard fan of motor sports should know:

Just so you know, there are several types of motor sports, which includes, circuit racing, short and long track oval racing, drag racing, grass track racing, and trials. All these different types have their individual peculiarities, competitors, vehicles, and functions. Hence, formula 1 is a good example of circuit racing.

Oval Racing

On the other hand, oval racing, whether long or short is a motor racing done on an oval track. Here, the racer turns in left direction. The common types of oval are: open-wheel racing, sprint car racing and stock car racing.

Dirt Track and Grass Racing

Dirty Track racing and Grass racing, as the name connotes, are carried out on non-asphalted tracks. Open wheel cars, stock cars, trucks, brand new cars and several other vehicles are usually used for this type of motor racing.

Drag Racing

Drag Racing is a sprinter race carried out over a ¼ mile’s distance. Cars are not the only vehicle used in this racing. Scooters, battery cars, motor cycle, are also used in their competitions.

Final Note

While the actual amount of these sporting events are difficult to count, they are all interesting and worth one’s attention. As a motor sports fan, it might interest you to know that you can view live coverage of any championship series online.  You find different videos from several categories, from rounds of Formula 1, NASCA, GT racing to more classy races like off-road chasing, police chases or truck competitions. You can now watch Fascinating tricks, brilliant wins, and highest cash videos on your PC screens.

In all these, this sport is not recommended for the faint-hearted peeps. To be a racer, self-control, intellect, and courage is highly required. Typically, anyone can be introduced to the world of motor sports. A lot of people opt for motorcycles and stock cars because of their relatively lower prices. To become a racer, all you may need is the technical know-how, the passion for driving and the determination to go where your dreams dictate.

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