Coach Development

Umpire, officials and coach development: The Game Development team are also responsible for the creation and evolution of coach and umpire development curriculum. The system is designed to ensure that Australia trains and registers quality hockey coaches and officials to deliver quality experiences to players at all levels of our sport. HA provides accreditation to individuals who undertake and complete the prescribed HockeyEd courses successfully. The HockeyEd curriculum will be further developed in 2011, following an assessment of the content late in 2010. Click here to see more information about HockeyEd programs.

In addition to HockeyEd courses, a number of training and development opportunities and seminars are provided at key events and targeted national championships for coaches and umpires. These are often led by national and/or international experts in their respective fields. Advocacy role & stakeholder management for the sport of hockey: This area involves positioning our sport with key stakeholders and funders such as the Federal government, State governments when relevant, e.g. events and funding or support organisations such as the Australian Sports Commission, Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), Australian Olympic Committee (AOC), Australian Commonwealth Games Associations (ACGA), State Institutes and Academies, the International Hockey Federation and many others. For both high performance and participation Federal Government funding we were well placed within the top 10 of all Australian sports, demonstrating the importance of this area for our sport and future growth.

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