High Performance

Last, but by certainly no means least, HA are responsible for our national and international teams and programs. You would be very aware that the Hockeyroos and Kookaburras are two of Australia’s most successful national teams. This is due to the quality of Australian coaches and high performance staff in Perth and nationally through State Institutes and Academies and the dedication and quality of our players who sacrifice much in their pursuit of excellence and success.

Funded by the Australian Sports Commission, the National/AIS program and our teams are the flagship of our sport and we are all rightfully proud of their performance and contribution to our sport. Our athletes also receive valued support from both the AOC and ACGA. We trust that you have found this information to be of some value. We are very mindful that there are a number of important hockey programs and activities that could be funded if we had access to additional funds. It remains a frustration for all that this is not always possible. Hockey Australia’s Board, management and staff remain committed to furthering the growth and development of our great sport to ensure its continuing success at all levels. We thank you for your annual contribution to this process.

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